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10 Playwrighting Finalists for the 2015 Season of OC-Centric!

Here are the 10 playwriting finalists for the 2015 edition of OC-centric: Orange County's New Play Festival. (We will produce 5 of these 10 plays this August.)

Full-Length Play Category

Controlled Burn, Lojo Simon

Fabulous Monsters, Diana Burbano

Grace Note, Robert Riemer

Shagbag, David Macaray

Tangerina, Peter Hsieh

One-Act Play Category

Bill Landaus, Krystal-Dawn Patterson

Corrupt Impressions or Professor Dovens and Her Disciples, Joni Ravenna

Love's Lost Words, Leonard Joseph Dunham

Spoken Allowed, David Scaglione

The Backside of the Moon, Karen Fix Curry

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