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The Orange Curtain Review on "Night Moths On the Wing

This is the synopsis for Night Moths on the Wing (hereafter referred to as “Night Moths”):

“Civilization has broken down; everything is scarce, thousands have disappeared, and rebel factions fight the national army. When rebel General Victor Maylor is arrested and secretly delivered to an unofficial prison camp, he expects to be executed…but chief interrogator Michael Shaw does not want him dead –not yet. Shaw wants information and will do whatever it takes to get that information. But while the men relentlessly engage in a battle of wills, are they blind to a more elusive enemy that could destroy them both?”[1]

Primarily I thought this would be a riff on the classic setup of locking two chessmasters in a room together and letting them go at it while they challenge and change each other along the way....

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the review at The Orange Curtain Review.

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