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The 49 Minds Behind OC-Centric

Four playwrights. Four directors. Twenty-one actors.Two producers and a production assistant. A lighting designer, a scenic designer, a costume designer, a sound designer and a booth op. Four stage managers. A props master. In the case of two of the shows, a composer and a dramaturg. A running crew of three. A website designer and print designer (that's right, we're getting a new website). A great university and its theatre department as our gracious hosts. This is the creative anatomy of OC-centric. As we get closer to curtain, we're thankful for the contributions of all of these artists and the generosity of Chapman University's Department of Theatre and College of Performing Arts (COPA). For a festival taking place in a small black box space, OC-centric represents a large effort - a dedication to affirming Orange County playwrights and the considerable talent of our playwriting community, whose works are getting staged all over the Southland and the nation. Erica Bennett, Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm, Lew Riley, Nicholas Thurkettle ... these are four playwrights you should check out, and you'll be able to do that August 21-31 at OC-centric.

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