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The Cast of

Love All

Jennifer Novak Chun

Jennifer is an actress, professional Cellist, composer, and writer.  She has performed on TV in such iconic roles as ‘Enraged Bride,’ and ‘Baby Killer.’ Her recent favorite theater roles were ‘Alice’ in Wicked Lit’s MONKEY’S PAW and ‘Mama’ in Robert Riemer’s GRACE NOTE. She has performed at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater in URBAN DEATH and SEX AND LOVE IN THE MODERN AGE and is a member of the Artist's Team for Force of Nature Productions. Her band, Edgar's Angels, an all girl group that performs songs of the macabre, has played at mausoleums, historical mansions, and The Magic Castle.

Alexander Walters

Alexander Walters (Ben) is excited to be making his debut with OC Centric this year. This will be his fourth collaboration with director Travis Donnelly, his mentor and master. Travis is close to finally imparting to Alexander his directorial secrets of the five-point-exploding-heart-technique. He is very excited.

Mike Martin
(John Smyth)

Mike Martin has been acting, directing, writing, and reviewing theater for over 30 years. He has served as Artistic Director for The Northern California Actors Theatre and STAGEStheatre. This year marks his first with OC-Centric and he is thrilled to have a chance to bring this script to life.

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